AP Company, established in 2001, set out with a mission to defy the boundaries of the restaurant business by connecting producers and consumers closer together and bringing new value to the food service industry. In pursuit of how food should be, AP Company founded a chicken farm in Nichinan, Miyazaki prefecture, and began the farming of Miyazaki Jitou Chicken. In August 2007, the company opened doors to its first location of Tsukada Nojo, an izakaya that offers our own heritage chicken, as well as products from contract independent farms. Through our efforts in promoting sustainable farming and establishing centralized processing systems, the company grew rapidly with congruous expansion of exclusive contract farms and restaurant operation.

Tsukada Nojo strives to make a difference in Japanese agriculture. “Nojo” means farm in Japanese. And now, AP Company is on an endeavor to spread our Nojo brand worldwide.

Today, with over 200 restaurants in Japan as well as locations in Singapore, AP Company is proud to introduce our Nojo concept to the US. We are excited to explore opportunities in America to collaborate with local farms and offer unique Japanese dining experiences to our guests. With our expertise in chicken products, we are kicking off the US expansion with an upscale izakaya concept, Nojo Ramen Tavern, offering artisanal chicken broth noodles and signature small plates to be enjoyed with our beverage selection, including local brews and wines.

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